The VCA – 
Vehicle Certification Agency

As an executive agency for the Department of Transport, the VCA is the designated UK Vehicle Type Approval authority, serving to protect drivers and workers by monitoring vehicle safety standards and improving environmental protection. The VCA provides certifications through rigorous testing to ensure that vehicles meet internationally recognised grades.

Lincoln Commercial Bodies is fully certified and works to these standards, meaning that clients can rest assured that all vehicles, systems, or designs are of a high calibre and meet specified performance requirements. In combining the experience and expertise of our team with the guidance of the VCA, we ensure that we remain up-to-date on new requirements and developments in this area and are well-versed on how to implement them, offering our customers additional peace of mind that their vehicles adhere to current regulations and quality standards.

National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA)

As manufacturers holding NSSTA, we are licenced and authorised to produce vehicles and are subject to regular inspections to ensure quality standards are upheld. NSSTA encompasses many subordinate requirements with regards to vehicle systems, safety features, environmental concerns, and specific components. This certification serves to assure clients that we adhere to current regulations and legislation.

Our approval in this regard means that our customers’ vehicles are quality checked and they therefore leave our site with accreditation. Further tests and modifications do not need to be conducted unless standards are subsequently enacted/updated or if the design of the vehicle is changed at a later date.