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Our close-knit, hard-working team have the knowledge, the resources, and the proficiency to take on any project.

250 Years of Master Coach-Building Experience

After amassing 30 years’ worth of experience in the vehicle body building business, Director Simon Knaggs established Lincoln Commercial Bodies in 2012. Having worked from the shop-floor up, Simon is knowledgeable on all of the stages of the body building process, enabling him to effectively manage different teams across various levels and ensure consistency in quality as a whole.

Our talented workforce band together to apply their extensive expertise to any project, regardless of its scope. The passion and drive of the Lincoln Commercial Bodies family is what sets us apart from other firms. Customer satisfaction and professional yet personal service are our primary priorities. This is evident throughout the entire build process – from the moment a customer makes an enquiry through to the completion of the project and on to our aftercare services.

The versatility of our team and the calibre of our advanced technologies means that Lincoln Commercial Bodies is equipped to take on any project – if it’s anything to do with commercial vehicles, we’ve got you covered! Our high-quality bodies are built to maximise payload and increase efficiency; and our team are always on hand to carry out repairs or enhancements alongside our build projects. Get in touch!

Approved Partnerships

We frequently consult with regulatory bodies and are Approved Partners of: